Press Release



From:  Kids First

Date: 2/9/2004

Contact:  Walker ED Amick



It was announced today that Kids First a 501 c 3 organization dedicated to raising money to help children and families in need is extending their relationship with the Scott County Community Clearinghouse.  Kids First which holds a telethon each year just prior to Thanksgiving and distributes money not just at Christmas, but all year long, is deepening their commitment to the Scott County Clearinghouse.

Kids First spokesman, Walker ED Amick said “We have been thinking for several years now how to reach more children and families.  For the past several years we have contributed part of our money raised to the Clearinghouse knowing the money goes to families in need, but we have found that it has become, as it was intended, the central point to make sure aid is given, but not abused.

This effort is our most efficient way of getting aid to those who need it and at a time when it is needed.  We continue to give funds to our local schools but stepped up our contribution to the Clearinghouse.   I am happy to announce that we have given the Clearinghouse a credit line of $ 10,000.00 to further their efforts.”

Amick also said more money may be in the pipeline for the Clearinghouse, if the need arises and funds still exist in the Kids First account.  “We hold part of the funds raised so we can help at other times when families need it; we know that folks have dire needs at different times of the year.”  It was noted this year at the auction you will see more of the Clearinghouse Director, Nelson Spaulding, so he can continue the word about the good and necessary works of the Clearinghouse.  “Nelson has been a big part of Kids First because he cares and I am happy to see us further our participation with the Clearinghouse.  They do things that it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to do, such as double check aid given, making sure aid goes to those who really need it” Amick said.

Kids First is an all volunteer organization that meets monthly but distributes their aid year round and many of its members devote much time all year long behind the scenes to make it happen.

“We can always use volunteers and members at anytime, because without our local merchants and citizens who contribute items and money we cannot continue to help year round.”  If anyone is interested in becoming a member or helping in anyway they may contact Amick at 752-9570 to help with donations of items for the auction or financial contributions that are accepted all year long.

The Clearinghouse is administered by the Scott County Partnership and is a community effort to insure those in need receive aid and assistance when at all possible.