Kids First is getting ready to gear up again for their annual fundraising auction to help those children and families in Scott County who may be experiencing some difficult times.The auction is always held the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving each year.Merchants who have supported the efforts for several years now will once again soon see familiar faces asking for help again.Over the years Kids First has undergone some changes that everyone may not be familiar with.In the beginning the organization only purchased warm clothing and shoes for children at Christmas time, but it soon became apparent that there was more of a need than just once a year.It was at that time the Board of Directors decided to extend aid on a year round basis so no one would be left behind just because it wasn’t Christmas.“ We gave our monies raised to the school systems and a few other organizations with no time line and the schools really liked the fact that money didn’t have to be spent within a certain time” says a board member.

As time passed we began to realize sometimes by helping the entire family you could actually help the child better, so we began extending the aid when called for, to help the entire family.“We found at times there was no place for some of these folks to turn to, so we have helped in so many ways such a medicine, wheel chairs with other kinds of aid for serious situations says a Board member.

Our biggest change is the fact we began supporting the SCOTT COUNTY CLEARINGHOUSE letting them buffer some of the aid given and check to make sure the need was there.

After a couple of years it was decided a large portion of their monies raised should go directly to them because they are the organization in touch with the need of our local residents.“Once we began supporting and partnering with the
Scott County Clearinghouse we knew our aid was being truly received by those who many times desperately needed it,” says auction host Walker Ed Amick.

Our goals have changed only due to the fact so many situations called for us to change; helping is what we are about.We still supply the schools with money for warm clothes and shoes, but in today’s world we can no longer limit our organization to just one narrow scope of aid.When you consider what we accomplish in about fifteen on air hours during the auction, it is quite amazing.We don’t try to raise funds normally but once a year, which is our auction, there are too many other worthwhile organizations doing fund raising so we decided there must be time for everyone.

I think we understood from the very beginning that many other organizations would be raising funds for some very good and important causes; we just need enough to help insure no one is left behind when aid is needed. This is the reason you won’t see us out selling tickets or something else, because we feel there are a many very important and necessary causes that need funding also.

Our partnering effort with the Scott County Clearinghouse in our biggest and best change over the years, it is something that is supported by many and is an absolute necessity.


“ I think it is quite amazing we put this entire event on with volunteers, we go on the air with Scott County School District 1 mobile production unit and the fact is, we can’t, just a couple of days prior to the auction throw things together.We work all year long in one form or another.

We are proud of what we have done and what we hopefully will continue to accomplish because as long as there are people, there will be some who need temporary help, it is a fact of life.If we can make a small difference in a child’s life, if we can help a hopeless family retain some pride, if we can be there when there isn’t any other place to turn, we have accomplished our goal.

If we can make sure the Scott County Clearinghouse can continue to operate and help those in need, we can feel our work is justified and our goals are on target.

In closing if you would like to help or be a part of the team you are welcome, our monthly meetings are open to the public and we always welcome volunteers with new ideas.We will begin collecting items from merchants and private citizens very soon now so watch for us and if you can find it in your heart or budget help us with these efforts, if you can’t we understand.

 To help us call: 812-752-5854 Ross and Sherry St. Clair



The Board of Directors, Kids First

POB 112

Scottsburg, In. 47170

501c3 not for profit organization